Hi. I'm JD Porterfield.

I'm an aspiring software developer, and this is my homepage. Welcome! Be sure to check out my current and future projects below.

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I am an Android Developer from Texas currently living in Columbus, Ohio. I work at LBrands as a Senior Android Developer, focusing on the PINK Nation and Victoria's Secret Android applications. Previously, I had been employed at JP Morgan working on their Chase Pay mobile application from before it's initial public release until its 2.0 release.

My interests include Mobile Development, which explains my day job, and Web Development, which I do as more of a hobby. I really like to learn new things and in the future I would like to learn more about the MEAN stack and potentially do some video game creation with LibGDX.

In my free time I like to go to the gym or work on various projects (usually things that I think would be cool or helpful to me personally but do not exist). Other than that, I find myself playing video games, such as Overwatch, pretty often. I'm pretty bad at it but I have a good time playing with my friends so I'm not too worried about my skill level! I also like to play single player RPGs such as Nier Automata, Persona 5, or Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I recently won a Switch in an arcade game so I'm playing through RPGs on it now!

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When learning new languages or software, I find that doing some sort of project can help you better understand key concepts.


Statistexts is an Android application that allows users to see how their contacts compare to each other across various measures.


An Android application used by Rice University students to allow them to be more connected to their Resident Health Associates.


Uses SMS messages stored by android apps such as SMS Backup & Restore in order to view these messages on you computer.

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