RHApp is an incredibly life chanigng health app for Rice students by Rice students.

Have you ever been really sick and didn't want to walk all the way to your local RHA's room only to find out that they weren't there? Have you ever really needed condoms RIGHT NOW and there were no available RHA's ANYWHERE? Have you ever been a Hanszenite hanging out at Martel and you felt like you needed a little medication in your life but you didn't know any of the RHAs at Martel so you had to either choose to walk all the way back to your college or suffer the pains of the world?
Well this is the app for you.

Specific Actions

You might be wondering what some specific things are that you can accomplish with RHApp. Currently, you can acquire health supplies, including condoms, send questions to and locate RHAs, find out which RHAs are available and which available RHAs actually have the supplies you need. RHAs can log into the app to answer any questions and let other users know if they have the specific items that are needed. You can even use this app to become closer friends with an RHA! Truth be told, the possibilities are limitless.

Meet the developers.

RHApp started as a HackRice project in early 2015. However, it grew into something greater. The team developing the project realized the profound effect the app could have on the university and student body in the future. Although the application hadn't been ready to present to the judges at the hackathon, the team decided to finish the project, allowing it to flourish into what it is today.

The developers have a wide range of experience and are dedicated to updating RHApp well into the future, to further fit the students' needs.