What exactly is Statistexts? Is that even a real word?

Statistexts is an Android application that allows you to see exactly how responsive your friends are. The app gathers statistics about your text messages, hence Statistexts. The app analyzes all of the text messages on your phone and allows you to see how your friends rank in comparison to each other over many different statistics including Fastest to Reply, Most Positive, Slowest to Reply, and many more. You can find features of the Statistext application listed below!


As of January 8, 2019, Statistexts has been unpublished from the Google Play store due to issues listed on my Medium article found here. A non-functional copy of the last version of the play store listing can be found here. I will publish any updates directly to this page (at least for the time being). Below you can find both the Google Play signed apk (which is the latest version that was available on Google Play) and the most recent version that isn't signed by Google Play. Updating from the Play Store version will require you to uninstall the app first since I had been previously using Google's app signing to sign the apk.

Download Links

Latest Play Store Signed : Statistexts 1.63
Latest : Statistexts 1.63


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