This page contains the release notes for the Notification Launcher app, formerly found on Google Play

Discontinuing development

  • No longer activtely developing the app. See my artile So long, Statistexts for more about this decision.
  • You can find out what I am up to otherwise on my main site.
  • Thanks so much for using my app over these past few years!
    • Sorry I didn't learn semantic versioning until afterwards and that the version names were all over the place LOL


  • Re-added the internet permission that was removed in release 1.60 (May 2018 release) in order to fix graphing functionality that relies on the Google Charts APIs.


  • Updated app icon to be an adaptive icon.
  • Updated library versions to increase stability.
  • Updated android support libs to androidx.


  • Fixed crash caused by trying to analyze texts in the background incorrectly


  • Removed ads!
  • Also removed analytics, which I wasn't really actively monitoring anyway.
  • Now, the app no longer uses internet permissions at all and should be GDPR compliant.
  • Updated libraries used and optimized app size to decrease app size from 2.18 MB to 1.32 MB


  • Fixed a few crashes (I think, could not reproduce).
  • Fix a typo (on the positivity graphs).
  • Changed the layout files for the detail screen in order to make adding new fields easier if I ever want to do that.


  • Potential fix for a crash (potential because I have been unable to replicate locally so far). Also makes it so that filtering persists even when list is sorted in a new way.


  • Fix crashes and how they are being logged
  • Fix weird interaction between filtering and hiding contacts on the main page.


  • Decreased app size: 3.42 MB -> 2.24 MB 34% reduction in size!


  • Updated icon to be a vector drawable


  • Fix crash caused by localization issues (commas and periods in numbers breaking the number formatter)


  • Fix filtering bug where going to another screen from the contact list screen would make filtering stop working.


  • Updating the UI to be more up to date with google standards. This includes removing my background for a more material design (but not quite) type of thing. Also changed the titlebar so that I am using menus instead of buttons now


  • Added permissions stuff for Android 6.0+ and App Shortcuts for 7.1+


  • Rearchitected the entire app so it should be a more pleasant user experience now. Should be slightly faster (for now, planning on improvements soon).
  • Also changed some of the UI flows. Might move to material design with a few theme options in the near future.


  • Added a privacy policy link (found in Settings)


  • Still trying to fix an issue seen in Google Pixel on Android 7.1 Sailfish
    • Fixed the last one, but a new one has arisen. Strange that I use the same device and cannot recreate. Will continue to try to fix any new issues that happen to arise. Sorry if the app has been poor for anyone lately :(


  • Fix for a crash on a Galaxy Note 5
  • Still trying to fix an issue seen in Google Pixel on Android 7.1 Sailfish


  • Trying to fix an issue seen in Google Pixel on Android 7.1 Sailfish


  • Fixed a bug where on certain devices phone numbers would be stored in different formats in the phone's inbox and outbox and as a result analysis would display incorrectly. This update compensates for this weird android behavior


  • Added New Options
    • Can now choose how many hours between text messages counts as a reply (any more time than the selected counts as a new conversation)
    • Can now hide and unhide contacts. Hiding is useful so you don't always have to see statistics about every single contact (i.e. your bank's texts etc.). Do this by long pressing a contact in the contact list. Unhiding is done in the settings menu


  • Speed up analysis of messages. This includes analysis done in the app when loading for the first time and also analysis of messages as they come in so that a user doesn't have to wait for new analysis results.


  • Changed sorting on the contact list page. It's now easier to find the sorting method that you want to use. (Basically a complete redesign of how this page works).
  • Added Name Sort type
  • Made all image resources more clear and updated them where necessary
  • Changed a few cosmetic things (center alignment on the contact list page and app-wide use of thin-style font if possible)


  • Fixed Backwards compatibility issues that arise prior to Android KitKat


  • Fixed added dependencies.
  • Result is that the size of the app is smaller.
  • 4.89 MB -> 2.91 MB


  • Added basic RTL support
  • Restructured a lot of code to get ready for multi-language support (hopefully)


  • Fixed 'You' page error that occurred when a user had too many text messages and resulted in the page not showing at all.
  • Fixed a chart display bug
  • Fixed Scrolling issues (should be smoother on the contact list page now). Also fixed a bug where scrolling would just display the same people over and over.


  • Changed Average Response Times for both users and contacts to be rolling averages.
  • Small graphing changes


  • Lost Patch Notes


  • First Release
  • Lost Patch Notes