Statistexts Privacy Policy

Effective: October 15, 2018

Our privacy policy will help you understand what information we collect and how we use the collected information. For more detailed information or explanations, feel free to contact us at

Information Collected

Statistexts has multiple permissions that collect user information. However, the majority of them are used to collect data in the app for routine processing of data on the device itself without results ever being sent off of the device. These permissions include READ_SMS, READ_CONTACTS, and RECEIVE_SMS. Since the Statistexts application is used to display analysis of text message data to users, READ_SMS and READ_CONTACTS are necessary. To be clear, however, SMS and Contact data never leave the device. RECIEVE_SMS is less important and is only used to parse information as the end-user receives text messages so that boot-time of the app is quicker. As stated before, SMS data that this permission gives access to do not ever leave the device.

Information Received

The INTERNET permission is used solely for generating graphs using the Google Charts API in a WebView within the Statistexts application. No analytics or crash reporting libraries are used so no data is collected except for the anonymized crash data that the Google Play Store collects automatically for all apps.

If the end-user is still wary about providing the INTERNET permission to the Statistexts application, they can opt to turn off the INTERNET permission entirely and the app will work as intended still (except the graphing feature, which relies on online APIs).


Changes to the apps permissions and behaviors will be reflected in this policy as updates as soon as necessary (i.e. when a change is made in the Statistexts application). For changelogs related to statistexts, see the release notes.