Switching AspectJ Plugins in Android

The previous AOP Plugins I have used in Android have had various issues with maintainability. Discover why I switched and which plugin I switched to

Jekyll & GitHub Actions

The standard GitHub Pages process imposes limitations on which Jekyll plugins we can use. Let's avoid this issue using GitHub Actions instead.

Using Google Forms for Jekyll Comments

Display comments on your Jekyll blog using Google Forms for free.

Increasing Android Lint Terminal Results

When running lint via ./gradlew lint in terminal, typically only the first 3 results are shown. Find out how to display the rest in this article.

Auto-Mirroring Android Devices With scrcpy

Auto-mirroring Android devices for work or for fun using scrcpy.

So long, Statistexts

Google policy updates and the voluntary removal of my first app, Statistexts, from the Google Play Store.

Aspect-Oriented Programming in Android

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is a paradigm that allows for cross-cutting concerns to be taken care of without cluttering your Android application with code reuse.